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Congratulations 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year -- Ms. DeAnna Stovall! 

Teacher of the Year Bio

Ms. Stovall was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia. She attended Gainesville City Schools for her elementary, middle, and high school career. Ms. Stovall attended Brenau University and Piedmont College for her undergrad and graduate degrees. She enjoys being a GHS Alum and strives to give back to the same community that poured into her as a child. From being in the MLK Day parade with the Newtown Florist Club to being a member of the Boys and Girls Club Downey. Miss Stovall loves to teach simply because she believes that every child deserves to learn and make progress. Teachers play many roles in the classroom and most times teachers become the safe havens.  “It’s not about where you started, it is about where you finish” is a motto Ms. Stovall strives instill in her students every day. Miss Stovall loves her NHLA family because it is a place where all adults and students have the same goal; to LEAD! 



Message From Principal Blackwell

New Holland takes pride in spotlighting one of our remarkable educators, Ms. Stovall, who has been proudly named Teacher of the Year. Her commitment, compassion, and outstanding contributions to both our students and the community have set a shining example of excellence.

Having had the privilege of closely working with Ms. Stovall at Gainesville Exploration Academy for several years, I've had the opportunity to witness her exceptional teaching and the profound effect they have on her students. It is particularly remarkable that Ms. Stovall's influence extends well beyond traditional classroom boundaries. Under her guidance in the RISE program, my own daughter had the privilege of benefiting from her mentorship, an experience that left a lasting mark on her academic journey.

Ms. Stovall's impact as an educator goes beyond the classroom, extending into the hearts of the Gainesville community. With a passion for service, she has volunteered her time to numerous charitable organizations. Ms. Stovall's dedication to making a positive difference is nothing short of inspiring.

She can be seen at My Sisters Place, where her compassion and care have been a beacon of hope for those in need. Her involvement with Good News at Noon showcases her commitment to addressing homelessness and hunger. Ms. Stovall's involvement in serving meals to the community during Thanksgiving is a testament to her selflessness and dedication to helping others during the holidays with her church.

Her role in volunteering with Backpack Love and the Georgia Mountain Food Bank has been instrumental in ensuring that essential resources reach those who need them most. Through her efforts, she has actively contributed to easing the burden for families and fostering a sense of unity within our community.

Ms. Stovall's recognition as Teacher of the Year is a direct reflection of her commitment to education, compassion, and community service. Her impact on our school and the broader community resonates deeply and speaks volumes about her character and dedication.

Please join us in celebrating Ms. Stovall's remarkable achievements. Her work not only embodies the core values of New Holland and Gainesville City Schools but also serves as an inspiration to us all. 

Continue to inspire, nurture, challenge, and prepare others!