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It is with great pleasure and pride that we spotlight our Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Alison Romberg, whose unwavering dedication and innovative teaching methods have profoundly impacted both our students and the broader school community at New Holland.

Mrs. Romberg's journey into education is as inspiring as her daily teachings. Originally a professional in interior design, her passion for fostering young minds was ignited through her experiences teaching Sunday school and observing educators in action. This led her to pursue and excel in a career in education, amassing impressive qualifications along the way, including an Education Specialist degree from Piedmont University and a rich background in Curriculum and Instruction.

Now, with twenty-two years of teaching experience, Mrs. Romberg has significantly contributed to enriching our school's learning environment. She skillfully blends critical thinking with creativity in her MPACT classes—our gifted resource program—where she challenges students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Her role extends beyond the classroom as she serves as a Gifted Coordinator for Gainesville City Schools and an area representative for the Pioneer RESA in the Georgia Association of Gifted Children. Mrs. Romberg's leadership is evident in her coordination of multiple school-wide programs such as Chess Club, Soccer Club, and Lego Robotics, among others. 

Her classroom is a vibrant community where students not only thrive academically but grow personally, feeling part of a family-like environment thanks to the deep connections she fosters. Mrs. Romberg's commitment to understanding each student’s interests and learning styles has created a nurturing atmosphere that encourages students to develop a lifelong love for learning.

Her accomplishments and dedication to education shine as an example to us all. Mrs. Romberg not only enriches the minds of her students but also plays a pivotal role in their emotional and social development, preparing them to be thoughtful and capable individuals.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Alison Romberg for her outstanding contributions and for being an exemplary beacon of knowledge and compassion within our school community. Her influence and commitment make her a true asset to New Holland and an inspiration to both colleagues and students alike. 

- Mrs. Blackwell, New Holland Leadership Academy Principal